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The Lapin Group provides hands-on fundraising counsel for nonprofits, nationwide and globally, that serve their communities in innumerable ways. TLG has decades long experience working with nonprofits from a wide range of sectors. We understand the unique needs of each organization, and will partner with you to create a customized plan to achieve success, every step of the way.


Israel-Based Nonprofits

Avrum Lapin and The Lapin Group have extensive experience working with Israel-based organizations seeking ongoing, successful relationships to increase their visibility and philanthropic support in the United States. We represent Israeli institutions that provide critically needed social services, community development, health care and mental health services, education, and other resources to Israeli youth, adults, and families. With over 21 years of experience in this specific arena, we are uniquely qualified to help position Israel-based nonprofits in the US philanthropic arena discover new stateside advocates for their causes, and create new growth opportunities in North America.

Israel Based



With the numerous changes and heightened competition for philanthropic dollars in the field of health care, it is critically important to possess the knowledge and expertise to devise and implement creative, cutting-edge, and effective fundraising strategies. The Lapin Group brings experience and depth to health-related and social service organizations, increasing their probability of fundraising success.


We provide fundraising counsel for congregations of all denominations and sizes seeking to maximize their leadership and fundraising capabilities in order to modernize their facilities, create or expand endowments, and address branding and marketing. We specialize in developing and directing innovative campaigns that enable synagogues to meet important capital and endowment development challenges and which support and supplement ongoing fundraising activities. 


The important Jewish cultural tradition of caring for our neighbors and friends has shaped and created Jewish Federations that address a myriad of communal challenges in Israel, overseas, and within local Jewish communities. Our professionals have a proven track record of successful philanthropic endeavors for community based organizations, community centers, and Jewish Federations.

Health Faith Comm


We welcome inquiries from advocacy organizations that address all types of policy, social and cultural issues. We are proud of our ongoing, successful relationships many advocacy organizations seeking to increase their visibility and philanthropic support in the United States, Israel and around the World.


We are dedicated to helping strengthen programs that enrich the lives and enhance the futures of today’s youth. We have extensive experience serving schools and institutions of higher learning, regional and national educational organizations. We have completed successful engagements that address a school’s future, hone its mission and purpose, evaluate the nature of educational programming it offers, and create robust administration, public relations, and fund development capabilities.


The Lapin Group understands the unique challenges encountered by arts and culture organizations, whose programming must often incorporate aspects of the traditional and the groundbreaking, all while depending on increasingly more uncertain revenue streams.

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