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Decades of Experience

Enabling Nonprofit Success



TLG values partnership, creativity, and a hands-on approach to fundraising and campaign development. When providing full-service Campaign Management, TLG undertakes a significant scope of work to provide both short-term fundraising benefit, as well as long-term value for each client. Drawing on decades of experience with many sizes and types of nonprofits, we create a customized campaign for each of our partners, that is unique to their history, culture and values.


Strong leadership development plays a central role in determining the organization’s successful completion of short, medium, and long-term goals. The skills and professional expertise of present and future leaders, including Board and committee members, are important resources to tap, maximizing internal capabilities and enhancing community outreach.


Nonprofit planning, emanating from an organization’s clear understanding of its goals and long-range plans to achieve them, should encompass a thoughtful and carefully conceived assessment of the organization’s functional areas, such as program priorities, facilities analysis and other critical issues. The Lapin Group promotes this as part of broader client engagement or as a “stand alone” project.


Small and medium sized nonprofits must embrace Prospect Research in order to better understand the interests and inclinations of their key stakeholders and supporters. TLG provides Fundraising Support, by conducting thorough donor research, giving every organization the power to plan and implement effective strategies based on facts that will better engage their lead and major gift prospects. Through research and screening, TLG will identify who the main donor targets should be, the appropriate gift request levels, and individualized outreach strategies.


While the vast majority of charitable dollars come from individuals, substantial funds are available every year from thousands of private and public foundations. The foundation research and outreach required to fully explore this type of giving can be overwhelming. TLG’s professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in sifting through the wealth of data and identifying funding sources most likely to support each organization’s mission and services. When corporate or foundation outreach will benefit the client, we manage the process of research, cultivating relationships, preparing, and submitting written proposals to the most promising funding sources.


Planned Giving must be a significant tool in every nonprofit’s fundraising toolbox. Planned gifts provide many ways to make charitable contributions that can meet donors’ short and long term financial needs while also making a significant impact on the future of an organization and a community. The Lapin Group team members work with clients to design creative Planned Giving Programs which enable donors to fulfill personal charitable goals and preserve family assets while also addressing the recipient organization’s needs and priorities.


In successful nonprofit organizations, the Board plays a central role in determining the organization’s vision and goals. To further an organization’s purposes, Board members must serve as dedicated and committed role models and spokespersons for the organization. Too often this is not well understood and Board Development is necessary. The skills, resources and expertise of Board members can positively impact a nonprofit’s effectiveness, especially relating to fundraising and outreach.


Functioning in a world where donors and friends are bombarded with competing agendas and priorities, nonprofits must dedicate their marketing efforts to reach out and appeal to the passionate concern of people, as individuals or representing foundations and other funders, who will champion their unique causes and invest in their future.

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