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Tips from TLG: Capital, Endowment and other Special Campaigns

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

If your nonprofit organization is in the middle of a Campaign or the midst of launching one, TLG would like to offer some helpful tips to enable you to continue pursuing and achieving your goals in the current environment.

Please do not pull the brakes, although some adjustments in messaging and timeline may need to be made, this is not the time to stop engaging your constituents. Check out our Tips below to learn more. 

  • Strengthen the Leadership Team. Draw from existing and prospective donors, selected from among current and former Board Members, Thought Leaders, or a combination. Ask them to help advance your nonprofit’s campaign, and prepare them to ask the community to join them in various ways. Make sure your campaign leadership and Board are at 100% financial participation. 

  • Gather and Vest your Lead and Major Donors. Bring them into planning and decision making, and think together with them about how to use their leadership to achieve a more substantial result. Perhaps this includes a Challenge or Matching Gift approach as part of a plan to attract capacity giving from the broader community.

  • Emphasize what the future of your organization will look like. Be strategic - not “seat of the pants”. Anticipate your future needs, taking into account today’s current challenges, and why giving today is so important. Be clear and make sure that you make both a passionate and a thoughtful business case. 

  • Be honest, accountable, and transparent. Address the loss of revenue you may be experiencing during this time - your supporters will understand the challenges the organization is facing. Stress the value of their gift now and the impact it will have on the future of your organization. 

  • If necessary, adjust the pace of your already existing campaign. Don’t stop communicating and meeting virtually with donors. Stay in contact with compassion and courtesy, but be direct. You may need to adjust your campaign timeline somewhat to achieve success, but stay focused!

  • Listen and learn from your donors. Don’t assume any donor won’t or cannot give. Let donors make decisions for themselves.  Listen for cues when considering and making your approach to certain prospects. Based on research and anecdotal information that you gather through personal contact, some donors can be seen now, and for another, perhaps waiting a month or two would be better. 

If you have any questions or need anything, TLG is here. You can contact me at 

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